big eater

by empty clover field

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something i put together this week


released March 23, 2013

guitars and covals: me
tuning: idfc but mostly standard
thanks to jimmy and austing because idk



all rights reserved


empty clover field Sweden


very evil

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Track Name: survival of the saddest
does shadows scare you?
they comfort me
fashinate me with their varying sizes.
im a shadow.
when the sun is going up or down, im always there.
when the sun is down or all the way up, i dont exist.
but i bet you didnt even notice that.
you only see me as a friend, if im lucky.
why did i fall in love with you?
you hate the darkness but i cant get rid of the darkness inside myself.

now nothing remains.
ive tried but i cant find a way out.
death it better than neverending pain,
but i cant bring myself to do it
Track Name: eat big
if imperfection was an art
i would be a masterpiece.
admired by everyone.
instead of being skipped by.
while others smile and talk
i sit at an empty table
and eat all of my sorrows away.
to make sense of all this mess
is way too much for me.
to face my inner weakness
i need help.
but what is left when you cant trust anyone to help you?
do you feel sad?
well i do to and i cant say it'll go over
Track Name: stem cells
so far away
i feel lonley when you say you love me
this wont last but i try to make myself happy
Track Name: growing up means giving up on everything that makes you happy
id like to learn how others feel about me
and id want to learn about you
in my own creepy way.
you will say no.
i will be ready.
rejections are a part of my daily life.
how can i continue
when i fall in love at every corner?