skramzy skramz skramz

by empty clover field

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released March 16, 2013



all rights reserved


empty clover field Sweden


very evil

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Track Name: did you lose yourself
did you lose yourself in the moment?
then find yourself and improve your situation.
to recreate a feeling of happiness you felt once.
why cant we feel allright?

to recreate and fear.
to gaze upon your perfect smile.
to think of you at nights.
to feel inadequite.
this is what i live for and this is why ill die
Track Name: its only larry left
webbing forms feet that travels in high speed
it reaches me and touches... my heart
and when i approach you
i feel much closer.
and when you pass me and walk another way
i will stop to doubt.
Track Name: end the war feed the poor
why did you think you would get away?
limbs can be broken for less
hand yourself the proof.
if you did not exist.
i would not exist
Track Name: ouija smiles
would this still be a secret if i told it to myself?
would heartbeats still flow?
would the few ones i know abandon me?
will my will fade
and create black holes?
who knows.
im not one for finding out
Track Name: this is not a game about killing, this is a game about coping with loss
why would you go away?
the lights turned off as you left the room.
the words were still heavy in the air.
it smelled like failure.
and thats just what it was.

meddling where i shouldnt meddle.
im not meant for love and ive started to realize it.
but what is left of life now when nothing is worth living anymore.

aim to die.
will you become free?
or will you end up like me?